Livecoding with Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi is a new kind of musical instrument, where you produce sound by writing code – live!

Sonic Pi is a complete open source programming environment originally designed to explore and teach programming concepts through the process of creating new sounds. In addition to being an engaging education resource it has evolved into an extremely powerful and performance-ready live coding instrument suitable for professional artists and DJs.

The focus of Sonic Pi sits at the intersection between three core domains:

  • Art – providing the means to express yourself and ask new questions of music and notation
  • Technology – exploring questions related to liveness, time and concurrency in programming languages
  • Education – demonstrating that open play rather than rigid structures increases motivation and engagement in the classroom

The class will be three hours long and will end with an improvised performance session called “Mexican Roulette” where everyone gets a chance to put what they have learned into practice.

No previous experience with code or music is necessary, but you do need to be comfortable with installing programs, surfing the web and editing text.

Where – Burlington Public Library
Cost – Free
Suitable for – Older teens (14-18 years old)
Software – Sonic Pi (Library)
Languages – Ruby