Our vision: To help code live in the lives of people everywhere
Our vision: To help code live in the lives of people everywhere


The mission of Code X Art is to bring code through art to 1 million people by 2027. We aim to create positive social impact through education, community engagement, and public programs. We believe that combining technology and arts-based learning sparks creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and innovation. We focus on using free, open source tools that are available to everyone and can adapt to participant’s level of interest and experience.

Code X Art is in the process of applying for not-for-profit status and is currently supported by donations, sponsorships and teaching in-person classes.


I’m Fiacre O’Duinn, a maker, educator and founder of Code X Art.  Growing up in Dublin in the 90’s in a neighbourhood ravaged by unemployment, violence, drug use and HIV/AIDS, I’ve seen first hand the transformative effect that the arts can have on people’s lives. I know it can offer hope and dignity where none seem possible. 

By creating Code X Art, I hope to help people reach their full potential through learning programming and the ability to create art through the medium of code.

For a decade I worked in libraries, focusing on the makerspace movement and creating partnerships between makers and library staff. I served as a councillor-at-large for the Ontario Library and Information Technology Association, where I was involved in creating the Tech Lending Library, to provide libraries across Ontario with an opportunity to explore new technologies. I also co-organized and hosted TEDxLibrarians, the very first TEDx event specifically for librarians and information professionals. For three years I worked with performance artist and cultural engineer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on Thee One True TOPI Tribe, a project with the goal of creating communities and collectives organized around creativity, pandrogeny and generosity.

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