Our vision: To help code live in the lives of people everywhere
Our vision: To help code live in the lives of people everywhere



To help code live in the lives of people everywhere.


To bring code through art and art through code to every continent, country, city and community.


We believe in the transformational power of both code and art to help us work, play, love and learn together in an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.

Current Projects

Code X Art Curriculum

We are creating a free and open source coding curriculum for adults and teens which will be available for download to be used by local instructors in their communities.

To make this happen, we need your help! If you are interested in 1) helping review and develop our curriculum and/or 2) translating teaching materials, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Work With Us!

Does your library, school, or institution need help creating innovative programs? We are looking for partners to change the world. Become a partner, and we’ll work with you to create amazing code and art focused learning experiences, everything from STEAM to maker. Help us unleash the creative potential of your community while developing their skills.

Previous Projects

BPL Teen Tech Program

In 2017 Code X Art, in partnership with Burlington Public Library, offered a series of beginner and intermediate technology classes for older teens (ages 14-18), focusing on the intersection between code and art. The classes covered three areas; 1) web development and design, 2) fabrication and hardware, 3) and generative or interactive art. Each area consisted of two beginner level classes and an intermediate level capstone class. The classes required no experience beyond being comfortable with installing programs, surfing the web and editing text. All classes were free and materials supplied.

Code X Art would like to thank Burlington Public Library for making these classes possible.


These are examples of in-person classes we currently teach. Contact us if you would like us to bring a class to your community.

Live Coding

Want to learn how to create a music performance in real time using code? Come to this class and learn Sonic Pi, a live coding environment and music synth. Every class ends with Mexican Roulette, where we improvise a performance together.

Design, Fabrication, Fashion

Learn to code a microprocessor, create an interactive electronic object, or develop an enclosure.  We can plan a class to help you do anything, from design a piece of wearable jewellery to code a photographic light paintbrush.

Generative Art

Use code to generate one of a kind art projects. Get an introduction to the JavaScript coding language through P5.js, a library used to create generative art. Interactive designs, games and audio, it is all possible in this class!


What people say about our classes

I like how you explained everything. I’ve tried to learn JavaScript before, but it seemed too complicated so I gave up. You made it so I could understand and follow along. Good job!


It was very easy to understand and informative. I felt like I learned a lot of the basics in a short amount of time.


The keywords were reviewed constantly, easily explained, and in … a neat way. I always wanted to code, and art was an interest for me. This was a great experience.