The mission of Code X Art is to combine art and technology to create positive social impact through education, community engagement, and public programs.

We believe that combining technology and arts-based learning sparks creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and innovation.

We focus on using free, open source tools that are available to everyone and can adapt to participant’s level of interest and experience.

We use digital tools to;

  • create art and design projects
  • test and scale high impact teaching methodologies
  • teach digital tools to support artists (in the making)

Code X Art is a project created and curated by Fiacre O’Duinn.


Upcoming Classes

Code X Art, in partnership with Burlington Public Library, will be offering a series of beginner and intermediate technology classes for older teens (ages 14-18), focusing on the intersection between code and art. The classes cover three areas; 1) web development and design, 2) fabrication and hardware, 3) and generative art. Each area consists of two beginner level classes and an intermediate level capstone class. The beginner classes require no experience beyond being comfortable with installing programs, surfing the web and editing text. Classes run between February-May, 2017. All classes are free and materials are supplied.

Code X Art would like to thank Burlington Public Library for making these classes possible.

For more information on dates and times please drop me a line.

Here is some feedback from students on our previous classes.

  • I liked how you explained everything. I’ve tried to learn JavaScript before, but it seemed too complicated so I gave up. You made it so I could understand and follow along. Great job!
  • It was very easy to understand and informative. I felt like I learned a lot of the basics in a short amount of time.
  • This class was great and I would take it again. There is nothing that I do not like about the class.
  • I enjoyed the fun in the coding and making music with the people in the class
  • The keywords were reviewed constantly, easily explained, and in … a neat way. I always wanted to code, and art was an interest for me. This was a great experience.